About Secure Micro Solutions

Secure Micro Solutions (SMS) have collaborated with the UK Governments Health and Safety Executive (HSE) since early 2015 to test the safety of typical FFF / FDM desktop 3D printers.

The results of this independent testing recommend the use of a tried and tested Safety Cabinet to eliminate the hazards identified. SMS are pleased to announce that the Safety Cabinet SC-1 offers an effective and affordable solution for safe desktop 3D Printing within classrooms, workplaces and homes.

The SC-1 is manufactured in the UK using lightweight steel with opaque fire and impact resistant panels (PETG). The quiet electric filtration system with large capacity HEPA / Active Carbon filter combine with precise sized lower front and side mounted air intake vents to create a vacuum of air to pass over the print bed removing gasses and numerous sizes of airborne particles (emissions) into the filtration system, without affecting the 3D printing process.

The lockable hinged front door provides easy access to your 3D print within minutes of completion. The door can be completely removed in a second, if required. The door incorporates an LCD module displaying current humidity and temperature inside the safety cabinet

Associated hazards with FFF / FDM 3D Printing include:

 Inhalation of gasses and numerous tiny sized airborne particles – Protected

 Potential Hand / Finger burns – Protected

 Potential Hand / Finger / Hair / Clothing traps – Protected

Additional benefits include theft prevention of your print and 3D printer, peace of mind to leave your 3D printer running safely for long periods / prints. Eliminates other people interfering with the printing process and protects the print against unwelcome gusts of cold air that can seriously degrade the print quality

The SC-1 also offers a range of optional accessories to give further protection and peace of mind, such as an integral automatic fire extinguisher, electronic heat alarm, LED lighting kit, external multi-roll filament holder

In conjunction with HSE and overseen by the Consortium of Local Education Authorities for the Provision of Science Services (CLEAPPS), the SMS SC-1 is available for delivery in late October 2018 for any person or organisation who would like to 3D print in a totally safe environment.

Prior to our collaboration with HSE and CLEAPPS, SMS have worked with customers such as Mercedes Benz, Isuzu and Subaru to provide Automotive safety components for their vehicles. Established in 2010, SMS forms part of the Impex Parts Group of companies.

Please click here if you have any questions or require more information concerning the SMS SC-1 Safety Cabinet and its accessories.